Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vogue Live

Yesterday I meandered into New York City for Vogue Knitting Live.  On the train, I met Sarah from Threads magazine, so we walked to the show together.  We parted ways once we got in, I was there to shop and she was doing more research type work.  She wanted to speak to some of the authors.

Okay, if you read my blog regularly, you know that I go to lots of yarny type events….one word for Vogue Knitting Live ….claustrophobic!  Most of the booths were jammed in together and they all had curtains up to separate the different vendors.  Whoever organized it, sure it may separate them, but it makes a small space seem so much more smaller!  I was told by a vendor that another vendor asked to remove the curtains, but was told they had to leave them up.  The vendors on the end had much more room.  There were two floors and stages that took up quite a bit of room on both floors….I don’t think I’d go again, unless I was taking a class….definitely not for just the marketplace…

DSC01615 1st floor stage

DSC01616 Back of the room, where there was more room…those are the curtains that separated every booth.  First vendor I went to was this one….The Yarn Co to get some of that yarn I showed the other day…Midnight in Manhatten by Madelinetosh.  It’s exclusive to their store…I’m not usually a blue fan, but I really wanted some…I scored a skein of the DK….

DSC01617 There was as second floor, with some fun exhibits…



Yarn bombing




Look at this!

DSC01623 It was in the Gallery, not sure who made it, as I did not stop and peruse it for long…

Also in the gallery…



DSC01626 It was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!!

And sitting next to it was Anna Hrachovec, the author of Knitting Mochimochi  and Teeny, Tiny Mochimochi.  I got a signed copy of the second book, because really there is nothing cuter than tiny gnomes!  I’m going to give it a shot, as I’ve never done knitting amigurami, and this is very small!

I wandered around a bit more, spoke to several people that I see at these shows…and then I’d had enough…it was a little after 12 and I decided to leave.  I was hungry, hot, tired and just a bit claustrophobic….

but that was not the end of the day…stay tuned….

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for that update! Isn't it such a shame that all those lovely yarn companies didn't really get given the chance to show off their wares in relaxed and less cramped conditions. Perhaps someone should feed this back to Vogue. Love your purchases!