Sunday, August 14, 2011

Other Crafty Endeavors

Every once in awhile I wander into other crafts.  I’ve done a fair amount of beading, making jewelry and stitch markers.  I recently made some stitch markers for my swap partner (it’s a secret swap, so she won’t be reading this)


I made some jewelry last week, but unfortunately when I pulled it out to take a picture, I’m missing an earring.  So will find that earring before I share…

I also started making project bags.  I’m not very good at this yet and I have a very small sewing of those small personal machines.  I have an actual sewing machine, but I’ve never used it…I’m going to take it to my MIL, she sews a lot, so she can teach me about it…I tried threading it using a manual I found online, but couldn’t figure it out.  It’s on old White 1717 machine and did not come with a manual….maybe should actually buy a new one…but we’ll see how much I use/want to use the older one…

So anyway I have tried my hand at project bags.  I made two previously that I sent to some friends who needed some cheering…Now I’ve made 4 more…two for the swap and two for me….They are not professionally done and did require some hand sewing to finish (I earned that Girl Scout badge, so am good at that!)


DSC00404 These two are for my swap partner…The bottom one is quite large and roomy for a project..


DSC00406 These two are mine…I’m happy with them…

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