Thursday, August 4, 2011

It Was A Good Day!

Yesterday I had no idea what I wanted to do…usually I have a plan…after sitting around for a bit, we decided to head out to Washington Depot…

The Village Sheep is closing it’s brick and mortar store, so we decided to head out there…Then we were going to have lunch at GW Tavern

I didn’t get any yarn at the store, but did pick up some dpn’s (yep, sock knitting)


Then we found out that the tavern was closed for painting, so we just headed home.  First we stopped in Bantam, at an antiques store and I tried on a slew of hats:

DSC00282  DSC00278

DSC00280 DSC00288

DSC00291 DSC00290

My favorite:

DSC00284 DSC00285

I love hats!  We didn’t get anything, but we love poking around in old flea market/antique type stores…

One more stop at Nodine’s for beef jerky and a few other things…then headed home, where I finally got my burger at Buster’s.  Then home, where I found waiting for me:

Nerdy Girls Yarn Club: Jabberwocky DSC00300

And a tshirt my Mom picked up for me at Disney’s Star Wars weekend:


Opened my gifts from the Hubs: DSC00298

A new Namaste Bag: the Bitty Bag (this makes 6 I own), my own Roaming Gnome, a disappearing Tardis mug (so cool!),  peridot earrings (beautiful!) and 4 skeins of yarn! (2 Lorna’s Laces, 1 Shalimar Yarn and 1 Juniper Moon.) He done good!

He topped off the night with a Turtle Cheesecake from Supernatural, one of our favoritest places….

DSC00294 It was a good day…


Renee Anne said...

I'm jealous. My husband wouldn't know where to begin with yarn for me. I could give him an exact list with colorways and everything and he'd still be confused. Oh well.

I'm glad you had fun in your ventures, even if they didn't all go exactly as planned :)

New End Studio said...

You're cracking me up with the hats! I think the lilac flowered and the pink one suit!

Posted the comment about the Tardis on the wrong post, sorry...that cheesecake looks good, too.


Sara said...

What a busy day! Those hats are hilarious!

Jabberwocky is a gorgeous yarn.