Friday, August 19, 2011

Lys Catchup–New Hampshire

I started working on the second page for LYS’ not in CT and found that I had neglected to blog about a few…so I need to do some catchup..
DSC03966 DSC03967
DSC03968 DSC03969
DSC03970 DSC03971
This is in Henniker, NH.  The Fiber Studio.  What a gorgeous place!  It is kinda set up like a barn loft.  They really did such a nice, nice job. I was the only customer for awhile then someone else came in, but I just wandered around.  They also had some beading supplies and I ended up buying some beads.  I finally settled on this purchase
DSC04131 It’s 564 yards of cotton.
Next stop was The Elegant Ewe, which happily was down the street from my hotel.
DSC03973 DSC03974
DSC03975 DSC03976
It was a nice store..I bought a couple of patterns, Autumn Coat and Nehalem Hat.  I also bought another skein of Royal Llama Silk for the hat.
On my way out of New Hampshire, I stopped at two stores.  One I’m going to do a separate post and the other I really don’t remember much about.  But that store, Ewe’ll Love It in Nashua is closing.  It doesn’t have any links to it and someone wrote in June that it was closing on a review board.

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