Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Almost Missed It!

On Sunday I did some captainy things on Ravelry and was on and off Facebook.  Then I happened on a post about the Fiber Twist....I had forgotten all about it!  So I hurried up and got dressed and headed out to Coventry....

It was busy...but such a gorgeous day to be out...I had stayed in yesterday to finish up some things...

There were even men in kilts....

And music


Some very cool art!

I especially loved this mixed media piece by Kristen of ScrapFelt
She also gave me some advice on sewing some bags I've been wanting to work on....

So thank so much to Dayna of Madison Wool for mentioning being there today..or I would have totally missed it!!!!

And yes I bought stuff!!!!

Some soap for the Hubs....and some yarn for me....The colorful one on top is Pagadi Silk Yarn from Madison Wool....This is going to be a gorgeous accent on something!  The green variegated to the left is a Corriedale mix...it will also be an accent on something gorgeous...and then the blue to the right is from one of my favorite alpaca breeders....I'm pretty loyal to two...this is Burgis Brook in Canterbury CT..It is a teal heather....I think I might combine this with my Corriedale from the fair for a Rhinebeck hat....


  1. I'm impressed that you were able to switch gears like that and jump into your clothes and out of your house! It looks like a day well spent. ; )

  2. Pretty yarns! I am rather fond of alpaca myself.