Saturday, September 29, 2012

Last Skein

What!  No, not my last skein, but the last skein of the monthly Mad Geek Tour, which for the past three months was fairytale themed!  The next three months is Firefly...I can't wait...

I absolutely LOVE this skein!!!!

It's called Poison Apple...and is gorgeous... Its on Rapture which is 100% Superwash Merino, a generous 525 yards!

But you know what else?  We get an AWESOME box bag from Jessalu with the last month's shipment....I love Jessalu bags and have several...this is my newest..
Little Red Riding Hood!  How cool is that!

So today I am heading out to my friend's house.  Staying overnight and then yarn crawling tomorrow in Greater Boston...whoop!!  The first of my 5 upcoming fiber events!  I'll have to pace myself...

And has gotten cold here..and the annual battle of heat will begin...*sigh*

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Paula said...

I checked out Mad Color's shop and am so freaking tempted to sign up for the rest of the Mad Geek Tours. Or should that be frakking tempted? I don't need yarn but oh my Gallifrey the colors are cool.