Saturday, April 5, 2008

Haven't crocheted in several days. Today did about 15 rows on my green chenille throw. Seems like it'll be very warm when it's finished. Don't have any pics of it, maybe tomorrow.
These are some pics of purses I have made. I've made lots of purses. The red one was for a purse swap on the 'ville. I absolutely loved this one and may eventually make it for myself. The blue/green variegated is a version of the Fat Bottom Purse, but was a tear-off pattern. It took me almost a year to make it, because I made one side and then put it down until almost a year later! I love my Halloween ones. The orange one I use, the black one I made to sell, but have not actually put it up for sale. Maybe I should try etsy?

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Jamie said...

I love the purses - how original! You should put some stuff up for sale...such nice work, I bet someone would love to buy it! :-)