Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The first picture is of a ROAK gift I received from a friend in Arizona. We are "online" friends and exchange packages a couple times a year. She's so sweet, because she remembers DH. He has eaten half the jar of peppers already!
I also finally finished the monkey. He's been in my bag forever with just one arm. The arms and legs were so long to do! He's very cute, but I don't think I put enough stuffing in him, his head is not filled enough. Finally I worked on DH's slippers. I made him a pair last year, he wore them so much they had giant holes in them. I tried to make them a bit smaller this year, cuz last year he kept saying "bigger" and when they were finished they were ginormous! He says they are a little loose on the "boot" part and stiffer than the others, but they haven't been washed yet.

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