Sunday, March 22, 2009

Today I went to my local LYS called New England Yarn and Spindle. Mary, who runs the Knit Wit group I ocassionally join at the library, co-owns it. Today was concetrated on crocheting, but there were more knitters there. Libby Ziegenfuss was a crochet teacher there and I made an appointment to work on color changes. I want to get the dino ghan done for Aiden.

So I took some pictures of the store. It's a cute store. It's been open since January and they are still growing. So if anyone is in the area, stop by. It's in Bristol at 801 Terryville Road (which is just up the street from me) Mary is a spinner, so they have spinning nights, too. They are going to start having UFO Sundays. I'll probably stop up periodically.

It was a very pleasant couple of hours. The ladies who are in the pics are Linda, Anne, Libby and Mami. There is also a pic of Mary and her partner Andrea.


Judy said...

Great pics, Tammy!!

Dawn S said...

I'm right in Burlington and only spotted this shop the other day. What a coincidence that I found your blog post today. I'm new to crochet but I can't wait to stop in!