Thursday, October 22, 2009

Autumn Colors

So I've been reading Lucy's blog at attic 24 and she has me looking at things a bit differently. I am noticing more color in my world and how things stand out. She has a great eye and I love her photos and commentary. So I thought I'd go take some pictures around town. Although my town is not at picturesque as Lucy's, it can be very pretty in the autumn. Since I live in New England, we get the full range of fall foliage colors. So I took some shots around town a few weeks ago. I also visited Minor's Farm which is a local farm. It is on the highest hill in town and has some really pretty views. Also bought a Dutch Apple pie while I was there, it was fresh from being baked that morning, it was very good.....The colors of autumn are my favorites and the ones I am drawn to the most. I am making a pair of fingerless gloves at the moment from a skein of yarn I picked up from Creatively Dyed's booth at Rhinebeck. I can tell you I am a huge fan of hers now and will most definitely visit her booth at Stitches East tomorrow.

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