Sunday, November 8, 2009

LYS' in Connecticut

One of my goals is to visit all the Local Yarn Shops in Connecticut. I have been to about 12 now. This past month, I visited 2 new ones and revisited 2 others...
The first one in the pictures (if I have it right) is The Yarn Garden in Meriden, CT ( It was in a small building and pretty packed. The owner was a bit distracted the day I was there, as her daughter had just given birth to her first grandchild. But she was very friendly and very helpful. I was looking for some yarn to send to Norway for my Ravelry swap. I picked up some local (New England - Maine) yarn. I also picked up some possum yarn. It was a nice and friendly store, although a bit cramped.
I also this past month discovered Creative Fibers in Windsor, CT ( and have been there 3 times this month. The first time was to check it out. The second time because I went back for an author visit and then found out I was a week early, so I went back the following week. It's a large store with very pleasant staff. I was very surprised that they called me by name on my third visit! There were some very friendly patrons there as well, especially on my third visit. I ran into a few again at Stitches. I took a picture inside this store. I will definitely return to this store, however it is a bit of a haul for me...This past week I revisited Bayberry Knitting ( in Plainville, CT. I was still looking for things for my swap. I ran into Karen Drouin, a designer and teacher at the store. I met her last year at CGOA in Manchester and she is a member of HHCC. I stopped back there this weekend, because my niece had picked out some yarn from there and I needed another skein. Luckily they had one left. This store is run by a husband and wife and they are very friendly. It was quite packed when I stopped back on Saturday! Lastly, I went to my local yarn shop New England Yarn and Spindle ( This is a small shop, but very friendly. I go up there every couple of Sundays for a group UFO session. Mary, who owns the shop, also runs the Knit Wit group at the library that I attend every couple of weeks. I am enjoying checking out all the local yarn shops. I do shop at the "Big Box" stores too, but I think there is a place for all kinds of yarn. Although lately I have been really coveting the indie dyers that I have been exposed to on Ravelry.

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