Saturday, December 12, 2009

Surprises in the Mail

It's always fun to come home and find a big envelope stuck in your mailbox. It is the season of surprises. At Crochetville, I have signed up for the Holiday ROAK. It is a lot of fun every year. I am not going to send as much as I usually do, just cuz I am also doing some swapping at Ravelry. Also this summer I sent a lot of things out and I only received a post card. It was nice of the person to send me a postcard, but still was kind of a bummer. I have discovered a forum on Ravelry that I am addicted to, it is a swap forum. Most of the swap threads I just read and drool at the sight of the yarn. I've only jumped in twice. I did the international swap and got a great package from Norway. I have also been doing the "Surprise Me" swap. I got my first package yesterday from Wyoming. It was a great package and is the picture with the pretty green Dreams in Color first. Can't wait to try it!!! Today I did receive a Holiday ROAK from an elf in Mass, the other picture. I happen to know the elf and think it was sweet of her to send some wonderful things. I mostly asked for things for school and the Crochet Club that I started. It is on Tuesdays and I have about 25 girls in it....I also love the pens she sent and of course the Lindt - my favorite!

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