Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yesterday Was A Good Mail Day

I came home to this:


One box held this:


The bag held this:


And the third box was my first Loopy Ewe club order of this:


Altogether it looks like this:


What did I get you ask? From Left to Right…

Scarlet Fleece Ewe Silky Thing in Under the Sea

Yarn Love Elizabeth Bennet in Delicate Aquamarine

Paca-Peds H-T in Promise of Spring (Club Loopy)

Indigo Dragonfly  MCN Sock in My World is All Askew (Willow)

Indigo Dragonfly MCN Worsted in Hootenany-Well It’s Chock Full of Hoot, Just a Little Bit of Nanny (Oz – favorite character – think I need to watch some Buffy!)

Indigo DragonflyMCN Sport in When I Bit Into Him, I Could Hear the Ocean (Drusilla)

Indigo Dragonfly MBS Sock in Don’t Wear This on Star Trek

and finally

Sweet Georgia Superwash in Autumn Flame

Hmmm…what colors am I attracted to at the moment…the Hubs was all like “they’re the same yarn!”  I was all like, “No they are by different companies and are different types!” And nary a green color in sight!  The horror!!!!

Anyways, I’ve gone on a kinda spending spree…And I still have my WEBS gift card…February vacation is next week and I’m off for 10 days, so I might be heading up there sometime next week…but I think I’m going to supplement the hooks and needle stash and maybe a book or two..and of course check out the sale yarn!

Oh and this is the hat so far

DSC03293 Loving the pattern, but had a dickens of a time figuring out the whole M1 thing…had to watch a video….Really love the yarn and the color too, it’ll be a great spring hat….

And welcome to my three newest followers….how exciting!


ewenique said...

OMG! your purchases are testing my "no buy" pact to the limit :-(
I am an ugly shade of green this minute! what lovely colours - red & aqua = classic! I look forward to seeing what they become.

Cat said...

oh, so jealous about your packages! i really like the colors.
enjoy your vacation!

agd509 said...

How'd you make out on your yarn lotto ticket? Eat.Sleep.Knit is just down the road from me!

Lina said...

Love the purchases! What a beautiful pile of yarn. :)

Anonymous said...

what a WONDERFUL mail day!! and the hat is looking mighty good too. can't wait to see the progress. have fun on your break, pretty easy when Webs is involved. :)

Tracey said...

Wow. That is an amazing mail day - I love receiving parcels through the mail ... so much more exciting than bills! ;)