Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blog Swap - Day 1

This year I participated in the Blog Swap on Ravelry.  On Friday I returned home to a slip from Fedex…I wanted to go and grab my package from them, but they were still in transit…
So Monday I received a very heavy package from Kismet’s Companion.  I was thrilled she was my surprise partner, as we have been visiting each other’s blogs for quite some time….And I knew she made soap….we here at Chez Gracey like the handmade soap…
I opened the package and MMMMMM…it smelled GOOD! And I took all the packages out and lined them up…..
There were little notes, so I opened “One, Two, this box is from who?” first and received some fantastic postcards!  I collect postcards and love them…they were of local places of interest in Suffolk, England with a local guide of Ipswich….it’s very beautiful there!  Ever since I was a teenager, I have wanted to visit Great Britain…I haven’t gotten there yet…..but one day….
Now there was another wrapped package that said it went with number one…and it was local made Strawberry Jam…YUM!!!!!
Now I have to tell you…one of the things I liked the most…was the wrapping paper…I LOVE flags!  and although I am not a huge pink fan (well the singer I love)…I absolutely ADORED this wrapping paper….I tried to rip it as little as possible and am trying to figure out what I can do with it….
So I have seven things to open and blog about….there will be another tomorrow…however then I’ll be away for a few days…so I will resume next week…
I love swaps….and this one has been awesome already!

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pinkundine said...

Great parcel, and lucky you with the fabulous smelling something waiting for you to get to it!