Saturday, September 29, 2012

Last Skein

What!  No, not my last skein, but the last skein of the monthly Mad Geek Tour, which for the past three months was fairytale themed!  The next three months is Firefly...I can't wait...

I absolutely LOVE this skein!!!!

It's called Poison Apple...and is gorgeous... Its on Rapture which is 100% Superwash Merino, a generous 525 yards!

But you know what else?  We get an AWESOME box bag from Jessalu with the last month's shipment....I love Jessalu bags and have several...this is my newest..
Little Red Riding Hood!  How cool is that!

So today I am heading out to my friend's house.  Staying overnight and then yarn crawling tomorrow in Greater Boston...whoop!!  The first of my 5 upcoming fiber events!  I'll have to pace myself...

And has gotten cold here..and the annual battle of heat will begin...*sigh*

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Into Reading: 2012

So I came across this idea on one of the blogs I visit regularly....I don't remember which one, sorry...

Fall Into Reading at Callapidder Days.  Since I had just said this to myself...after I finished The House at Riverton last week, I thought PERFECT!  So I plan on just reading books that I have not caveat will be JA books, as I do read JA books to keep up with what my students are reading...but those would be the only new books...

So my list (which is on the side of my bed)

1. The Grimm Legacy (JA fiction, started in the spring)
2. The Book Thief
3. Yarn Harlot (I've read bits and pieces)
4. Crazy Aunt Purl (again bits and pieces)
5 The Lovely Bones (at one time I had two copies, not sure if I still do)
6. Trafficking in Sheep
7. The Children of Men
8. Mennonite in a Little Black Dress
9. I Capture the Castle
10. March
11 Sugarcane Academy
12 Under the Dome
13. Wicked (this one may be tough)

Not pictured:
14. Dances With Dragons
15. Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (nook)
16. Boneshaker
17. The Wizard of Oz (nook)

I think that is enough, considering that Under the Dome and Dances with Dragon are both massive tomes of text....

What books would you like to finish?  I have so many waiting in the wings....

Sunday, September 23, 2012

This Weekend

I made some more granny squares for my fall tunic.....

Worked a couple of more rows on My Really Big Bag!

Visited with a couple friends from high school while enjoying the local parade

That's my high school! My friend's daughter goes to our rival high school....and is a cheerleader...she was a majorette..she says it's tough cheering for them ;)

My niece was marching with her Girl Scout troop, but I wasn't fast enough to get a picture...

I enjoyed some fife and drum, they are probably my favorite part of the parades...I think there were four groups in this one...



Yarn Hoar Be Thy Name

Yeah...I have had the itching to buy some yarn I've been impatiently waiting to see if any of the three yarn clubs I belong to would magically appear in my such luck...

But in the next six weeks.....

Next weekend: Greater Boston Yarn Crawl
Oct 6: King’s County Fiber Festival, in Brooklyn, NY - gonna meet up with a Nerd warrior for the first time!
Oct 12-14: Stitches East in Hartford CT  (I am working it, will be at the New England Yarn and Spindle Booth) Stop by and say HI!!!!
Oct 19-21: Rhinebeck! in Rhinebeck NY
Oct 27: Halloween weekend, nephew’s birthday
Nov 3-4: New England Fiber Festival in Springfield Mass

But I had the itching and I had to scratch it...and well Ravelry runs I bought some yarn from France: (Rav links)

Northern Lights

 Quoth the Raven

And then I got some Apple Season from Australia...

I know it'll be awhile before I get any of it.....and I still may give in and visit Cephalopod Yarns...but maybe should use the Bugga I have already....and they will be at Rhinebeck...although if the last two years are any indication...I'll not get any, cuz it's a freaking long line!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Last Night's Excitement

On my way up my hill yesterday, I happened to see a Bobcat sitting on the side of  the road...and thought, oh they're going to do some digging this weekend....

Then the police sirens started as I got into the house....

Yep....someone misjudged something...

What I find in the last picture, above the truck, you can see a NO Parking sign...

They remove it...


Friday, September 21, 2012

About Time

I'm in the seriously slacking bad blogger group the past two weeks.....The beginning of the school year is always an adjustment...less time to craft and less time to blog...and not as much to blog about...

So finally I can present my Jaywalkers....Ta-Da!!!!

The second one, on the left, is slightly bigger than the first one...but I'm okay with that.  I seriously love these!  I love the colors!  Reminds me of the famous kindergarten outfit when I was allowed to dress myself one and purple..yup... All the deets are here on Ravelry...

Now off for a nice, warm's quite chilly here and I fell on Monday and hurt my gonna go soak it for a bit....Toodles!

What did you finish this week?  Go here to check out other finishes...Fiber Arts Friday, FO Friday and Creative Friday

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Almost Missed It!

On Sunday I did some captainy things on Ravelry and was on and off Facebook.  Then I happened on a post about the Fiber Twist....I had forgotten all about it!  So I hurried up and got dressed and headed out to Coventry....

It was busy...but such a gorgeous day to be out...I had stayed in yesterday to finish up some things...

There were even men in kilts....

And music


Some very cool art!

I especially loved this mixed media piece by Kristen of ScrapFelt
She also gave me some advice on sewing some bags I've been wanting to work on....

So thank so much to Dayna of Madison Wool for mentioning being there today..or I would have totally missed it!!!!

And yes I bought stuff!!!!

Some soap for the Hubs....and some yarn for me....The colorful one on top is Pagadi Silk Yarn from Madison Wool....This is going to be a gorgeous accent on something!  The green variegated to the left is a Corriedale will also be an accent on something gorgeous...and then the blue to the right is from one of my favorite alpaca breeders....I'm pretty loyal to two...this is Burgis Brook in Canterbury CT..It is a teal heather....I think I might combine this with my Corriedale from the fair for a Rhinebeck hat....

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bethlehem Fair

Last Sunday was a gorgeous day for a fair.  We didn't think it would be busy, as it was Sunday and we were heading there kinda late. 

WRONG!!!  It had rained, a nasty thunderstorm with tornado warnings on took us over 30 minutes just to get to the field for parking....
We ate some things and saw some animals, walked around a bit and left after about an hour or so...we don't do rides....well I enjoy rides, but the Hubs, not so much....

 We saw lots of chickens....the Hubs likes chickens....raised them....

Look...a Halloween chicken!  The last one is the Hubs favorite - Barred Rock...(I think)

There were some goats and a couple llamas...but very cool..there were baby Jacob Sheep!  The Jacob is my favorite sheep!  And the only one I can identify on sight (well who couldn't?)


So that was about it.....Goodies??  yes, we bought goodies....
Three skeins of local Corriedale..think it'll be a hat....some local soap (the Hubs is a soap aficionado) There was a book seller, so got this at 50% off....and of course, my favorite beef jerky from Nodine's.  The Hubs also purchased kettle corn....
Our shadows, on the way back to the car.....

Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Week Back

So this was the first week back at school...and it was hot and humid...and we don't have a/c in our part of the building...miserable...but the kids?  Kids were great...we have a new superintendent and things are changing....and one class will be a struggle, the other class, not so much....but I really love teaching....

The Hubs and I just made plans to go to a new to us fair tomorrow.  We (or I) normally head to the Goshen Fair, which was last weekend...but I kinda forgot about tomorrow, we're going to head to the Bethlehem Fair...should be fun...I LOVE fairs!!!!!

And I got more fun mail this week!
Remember, Remember the Fifth of November...Random Fandom this month...from V for Vendetta...although I've seen the movie and enjoy it, I'm not a huge fan of it...but I like the yarn....

And today in the mail came this..
From CraftsMeow Yarn Studio.
It's Witch's Brew on Ice Cream is destined for these. 
It's the yarn used in the book....I was going to use this
But the Hubs said to order the yarn used in the pattern...and who am I to argue?

Monday, September 3, 2012


So yesterday I had to do a bit of some new school clothes...and a GORGEOUS new Fossil bag for the beginning of school....

I had to go to Michael's for some ribbon for a first day project....and I ran across some cute owl projects...How could I not?

Four little pom-pom owls....and a door sign....

During a scavenger hunt of the classroom, the kids have to look for two collections I have....I have a stuffed Soren owl from the Guadians of Ga'hoole.  I also made 3 little owls a couple months ago

I'm going to bring them in to add to the Soren and it'll be my little collection of owls...

The yellow one keep falling apart and has a hard time standing on it's own....there is always one in the bunch!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

In the mail....

See this skein of yarn?  It's called London 2012.  It's a special colorway that was offered by Lorna's Laces through Jimmy Beans Wool.  Mine is in the Shepherd Sock weight.  I love Lorna's Laces and now that I know they have exclusive colorways through Jimmy's....I'll be ordering some...Anyway what was neat about this, was that they had a base price set..and they reduced the price by .05 every time the USA won an Olympic medal....very cool!

I'm a fan of the Olympics, so how could I not?

And this month's Mad Color Mad Geek Tour color...Evil Queen on Luster, which is BFL

The Hubs commented on how rich the purple was in this skein...

He has been receiving lots of packages in the mail, too...However his are all work related....;)