Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Stitch Along Wednesday

Hi my peeps!  I hope to start blogging regularly soon....I think about it, just haven't gotten myself back into the groove....

So I finished my Owligan!!!!!!!  How amazing is that!  I am so thrilled and excited...I've worn it almost everyday since Sunday.....it's getting warm again here, so won't be wearing it much the rest of the week...it is just what I wanted....so proud of myself!

That is pretty much all I've worked on the past week or so...and then I took a bit of a break...went to Rhinebeck....now I'm itching to work on some of my socks...so when I get off here, I'll be working on those while watching a rerun of The Walking Dead....wow...are you guys watching this? 

Toodles!  As always, please provide a link back...thanks!!!!


Paula said...

Yay for your first sweater!!

Babajeza said...

I haven't watched it ... so far. :-) I watched "Interstellar" the other night. Oh my! Have a nice weekend.