Friday, July 8, 2016

So much fear

I love being an American.  I am proud to be an American, but I fear for my country.  There is so much hate out there and so much prejudice and violence.

I fear for the many students I have taught.  The young black man that is going to college this year, but recently told me he still wears the scarf I made him in third grade and asked for a new one in his school colors.  He can be foolish at times, but he is a good boy. I fear for him.

I fear for the beautiful girls that are going to college this year and hope they make good decisions. And that they are not part of the percentage of girls who are attacked on campus.

I fear for my students this year....the eight year olds that have already seen violence in their lives.  If a police officer can fire into a car when a four year old is in the back seat, what else can happen?

I fear for the several Muslim students I have been privileged to teach.

I fear for my many friends who belong to minority groups and their children.

Our country is just going crazy. I fear the divisions that have been created or enlarged among our citizens.

I am sad....and I fear for this country I love.


Babajeza said...

I'm so gald to read your words. I know there are other Americans like you. All the best! Let's hope for a change together. Regula

Renee Anne said...

You aren not the only one. And right now, given all the crap that's been going on, I'm not very proud to be an American.