Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New Obsession

So I would catch an episode or two on PBS every once in when I saw the series box set on Sunday, I knew I had to get it....I'm obsessed!  All I want to do is watch it.....Why are BBC shows so engaging?  I will admit a few times I can't figure out what they are talking about...but I love these two.....

Oh and I tried Netflix...not available and I had to pay per episode on On yeah me!

(PS - I also bought the first season of Poldark because I was only able to catch episode 1)

What are some of your tv obsessions?  (PPS: Yes I watch This Is Us too....)


Susan Dougill said...

Glad someone else is as obsessed as me :-). I started watching it the other week and have managed to watch 7 series so far. We are lucky enough to have all the series on Netflix in the UK for no extra cost. Glad you are enjoying it.

Holly said...

I still haven't watched Poldark!!! Madness. I love BBC shows too :)

Babajeza said...

German crime stories: Ein Fall für zwei, Derrick
Dr. House
Chicago Fire

I have watched 1 episode of Newsroom