Monday, October 2, 2017

Adirondack Wool and Fiber Festival

Well that route didn't work out.....Unbeknownst to me, my car was set on "no toll" Stella (my car) took us up Route 7 and over some beautiful mountain pass into New York
After around 3 hours, we finally friend Maureen was very excited, as she had lived in Greenwich for awhile.....
We actually bought from the first booth, because, Hello....Mr. Darcy yarn!

Ensign Brook friendly!

This was absolutely Gor-geous!!!!
Some fun soaps!
This was an interesting spinning wheel!
I look like a doofus in this picture, but I'm all about the funny selfies!  Had to take one in Jessalu's booth!
Got to meet Suzanne and Thaddeus of Groovey Hues Fiber (just found out I'll be sharing a house with them for Rhinebeck!)

Some fun things found...I love Gotland sheep...had a great conversation with the man in that booth..
Vote for best packaging!

Finished it up with a visit to White Birch, my goto self striping yarn.....

Stopped in town for some lunch and a bookstore visit.....after another 3 hour drive home, I was exhausted....but glad that I went....sorry for lack of vendor tagging....if you are really interested, I can figure it out.....too lazy to right stash acquisitions were posted on Saturday

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Paula said...

How fun to visit that festival via your pictures!