Friday, August 13, 2010

First Knitted Project

is finished and is a square....I am following this book:
here is more information. I just finished the first square of 63.
There are several mistakes, especially with carrying the yarn up the side. The yarn split in several places, too....I finally got the hang of the stitch which is just knit or the garter stitch...

I had two instances of this:
Using the wrong color and having to rip out a row (or two). Not sure what this is called in knitting, but it's a PITA and much easier in crochet....I used my split stitch markers to help me.....

My fingers hurt, but it did get easier as I went along....I just cast on the second square which is stockinette and boy is the purl stitch gonna kill me...I am knitting "continental" or trying anyway....We'll see how it all turns out....


  1. Way to go! Even ripping back gets easier after awhile. Ask me how I know. :D

  2. Well done. Sherri is right about ripping back. It all becomes second nature after a while.

  3. That's exactly how I felt when I was learning to knit (awkward!) after years of crocheting (oh so easy!). If a stitch fell off the needle...which they did all too easily, awkward!...then it seemed extremely hard to get them back on. Your completed stitches look just beautiful! And here's the lingo: if you unknit a stitch at a time (even if it's a few rows), you're tinking. Tink is the word knit, backwards. But if you pull out a lot of rows and then slip the stitches onto a needle, you are frogging.

    It looks great, Tammy. By the time you finish a couple of squares it'll be very easy.