Thursday, March 8, 2012


caribee-fusion-21-trolley-backpack  See this?  These are a menace!  We have a student who has one.  She’s been told repeatedly, not to pull it when there are a lot of people around…

Yesterday, we were lining up on the playscape area to go to busses….I had my students lined up…I turned around to leave and she had opened her backpack right behind me….Of course, I tripped over it, and fell..and now a possible fractured elbow…

I don’t think it is fractured, they couldn’t see a clean break on the xray, but there is something going on in the radius area of my elbow…so going for a second opinion to an orthopedic doctor tomorrow….aside from that, I have a sore/wrenched back and contusions on my knee…with other assorted aches and pains…

Seriously going to put a crimp in crafting for the next couple of days…


  1. Be thankful it was nothing worse (yet)....of course, it could still be something worse than bumps and bruises but, for now at least, that's all it is!

    I hate those rolly backpacks, too. I don't mind in airports because they're commonplace and you know to look out for them. I also understand why children have them (to save their backs from the HUGE piles of homework that teachers supposedly give - which is another whole rant)...but they're just silly. Children don't know how to use them properly and we don't know to look out for them all the time.

    I'm sorry this happened :(

  2. Oh no! Your poor arm, I hope they won't put you in a cast. That is one of my worst fears!!!!!
    I hope you aren't in too much pain! Good luck!

  3. Ouch! is right. Hope you heal quickly.

  4. Poor you. And I'm sure it hurts more that you can't craft while you're resting up. Any chance of "him indoors" doing some for you to watch? ;)