Monday, March 19, 2012

WilKey Went Shopping at Webs

DSC02181 Checking out the Lorna’s Laces…he was looking for the new colors…didn’t find them, but did come home with a skein of Solemate in Midway (sorry no pics yet)
DSC02183 He also spent some time in the warehouse….where he was restrained….just some Mission Falls 1824 Wool in a spruce color (it is a crime that they went out of business!)
And again some Manos del Uruguay in yellow, grey, green and chocolate (again no longer making this…a crime!)…
He checked out the fiber, but really can’t get into spinning…but pretty colors!
Then WilKey headed to Northhampton Wools…where the ladies were nice enough to let him pose…
DSC02190 Can you see him way up there?  Bottom right of the sign….He picked up some cute owl buttons and a skein of Paca-Peds in Vampire Kiss…..
He also got hungry and had a taco at Bueno y Sano, which was a new to him Mexican place…
And on the ride home, he tried to help untangle a skein of Plymouth Yarn Nazca Wind that the Hubs demanded a scarf made from….
All in all…a good day…

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