Saturday, March 10, 2012


So, because of the very strange snow storm in October that knocked out Connecticut for a week, we had no February vacation….

But we still had Friday and Monday off, so a four day weekend…good enough…

Back in December,  I decided to get the Hubs a trip for Christmas.  He really has not been too many places.  His family would go to Cape Cod and he had driven to Louisiana with the ex-governor’s (Buddy Roemer) daughter.  She was doing an internship at ESPN and it was time to go home…the Hubs – before he was the Hubs- helped her drive home.  And he got to stay in the Governor’s Mansion.  He took the train home.  So he has not been too many places…Me?  I’ve been to or through 31 states and 3 countries…

I wanted to go someplace I had not been….I first researched the southwest, too expensive for what would amount to 2 days….so for some reason I decided on Tennessee.  We do have friends near Knoxville, but I decided on Chattanooga….We loved it and plan on going back to Tennessee…not sure I could live in a conservative state, but it was gorgeous and the people were so incredibly nice!

We got in late Thursday night….the first thing we did Friday morning was head up Signal Mountain looking for a yarn shop (I know!)  Lots of pictures, so I’ll be brief from here..


DSC01725 Famous Flying Saucer house!

DSC01718 Lunch at our first BBQ place…so good!

DSC01720 Larry had put Wilkey in my bag and he enjoyed the trip with us, starting at Three Black Sheep Yarn shop.

DSC01726 I think this is moss, we don’t have this in Connecticut, not like this…it was very cool looking..

DSC01727 Moonpie Store in downtown Chattanooga!

DSC01737 Very strange store..more on that later

DSC01741 OMG! Yummy frozen yogurt…

The first night ended with our second BBQ at Sticky Fingers….not as good as Shuford’s, but good….

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