Monday, March 10, 2008

Evening all - thought I'd share what I had waiting for me on the bed when I got home. Larry makes the bed (since he is in it for hours after I leave) and today he left this for me....

Not only is Grover chillin', but he has some yarn and the remote waiting for me too. It made me laugh.

Keira has asked where her bathing suit is.....I crocheted a bathing suit for her earlier this year. She would also like a wrap to go with it, but I haven't worked on that yet. Here is the bathing suit.

It was quite a challenge and took a long time to complete. It is made with Elann yarn that is cotton and elastic, so it was stretchy. I also lined it by hand, because everytime I use a sewing machine I break it!

This was another project that I was commissioned for. Luis asked me to make placemats for his wife. I have never made them before, but I really like how they came out. This was frustrating, as the yarn I started to use, I ran out of. Couldn't find any in the stores, but found some on ebay. However it was much thicker than the lot I had, so I ended up frogging and redoing them several times to get them the same size. But I think they came out pretty well.

I had a very sleepless night. First my hubby kept whacking me with his elbow, then I had some wicked dreams. I dreamt about the Wraith from Stargate:Atlantis (love that show!). I dreamt about my brother and I at Disney World (as adults - he has never been and there were lots of issues at the airport) and then I had this really weird dream about my wallet and my old bomber jacket and a Subway or bank and my car. Needless to say I did not sleep well, kept waking myslef up. Took a nap when I got home, but that was also restless. Hopefully can sleep tonight.

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