Friday, March 21, 2008

I decided to post some of the kid/baby wearables I have made in the past couple of years. I have other pics, but they are not digital.
The hat was made first for Makayla, Deb's baby. She exclaimed"Now I need something to match!" So hence the sweater.

I made the bodice first for Lindsey, but Leona asked if I could make it into soemthing else. So I created the sundress.

The strawberry set was for Allison. I made the sweater first, which I loved and with the left over yarn made her the skirt. I don't know if she ever wore it. The hat and scarf were for Krista's son Connor, but I really need to make him something else.

The read/blue sweater was for Joanie's grandson and was an ordered sweater. The buttons are baseballs. He is a Red Sox fan.
The pink dragonfly peplum sweater and the read sweater were for Deb's baby shower for Makayla. I also made her a couple of blankets.

The poncho was for Lindsey and was a quick one I whipped up the night before I went to see them. The pink and red sweater, which I love was made to match the dress that I bought for Lindsey's birthday. i think it came out pretty good.

The hooded sweater and blue sweater were for Ashley's son Jack. The variagted was so easy to do and a very big hit!

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