Saturday, June 21, 2008

Today I made some more motifs for the Sunrise, Sunset afghan. Larry suggested using different colors instead of the two green in the pattern. I really like how it looks. The pattern is really simple. I also packed away in 2 - 105 gallon totes most of the yarn I have acquired in the past couple of weeks. Need to stop myself, cuz it's alot!
I also received a second package from Wizzy my UKSP, who I guessed was Lori, the Shrone. Some fun stuff in there: 2 gorgeous doilies, whish I can't make, lots of fantastic postcards, a couple of journals (which are great, cuz I'm always buying them), a grow a monkey, a cute plush bear with 2 outfits and some wonderful smelling vanilla body wash.......
I love her doilies and I actually have another one of hers, that I won from the last Secret Pal swap. I'll have to take a pic of it, it's a lovely lavendar one.

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teakaycee said...

LOVE your Sunrise,Sunset squares!! those are too cool done in different colors!!! I have that pattern... hmmm... I may have to try something different with it too!
many Blessings,
Tammy from the 'ville