Saturday, December 20, 2008

Decorating the Tree

The tree is a big issue every year. We usually have a big fight over it, not this year. Today I finally decorated it. I had to buy new lights, so I had bought 4 boxes, however when I got home I realized I only had 3 boxes of white and one of colored. We usually only do white. Larry liked the colored. Well with the snow storm yesterday I could not go and get more lights. Today when decorating, I ran out of them. So I trudged down the street to Walgreens and bought some more. It was quite a walk, as you can see by the pictures, the roads are pretty yucky. Larry has been sick all week, so he spent the day in bed. he just got up. I cleaned the living room and decorated the tree and put up my Santas. Whew! I have alot of Santas. I didn't even take out many of the the statue ones, just the standing ones and of course the ornament ones. Anyhow this is how it looks right now and I am beat. Ready to sit and veg for awhile...

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