Sunday, December 21, 2008

Some more cleaning today and the apartment almost feels livable. I still have to tackle the kitchen, a real top to bottom clean and the bathroom. I'm gonna wait until vacation to do those. Maybe practice the Chinese tradition of having a clean house to welcome the new year!

I took a picture of all the squares I have received so far for my ville ghan. Some I received from the Sky ladies and a few were ROAK gifts.

I got ELF'd yesterday! Krazy Elf from England sent me a package with my first crocheted snowflakes, a square for my ghan and afun pen. Pretty cool! I was also elf'd from Australia, a cool teacher plaque that I'm taking to school. I recieved two other packages. ROAK's and ELF's are so fun! Especially this year, as we are not buying for each other. So these are pretty much my gifts this year. I'll get a few things from work. I got my SSP package yesterday, too. That was awesome. Can't post a pic of it yet, but really happy with it!

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