Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bags, Bags and more Bags

I have a thing for bags, any kind of bags. I've got a bunch of school bags that I use for student work or lesson plan resources. I also have a ton of different purses, especially since I've made some, too...

But I thought I'd show you some of the bags that I keep my crochet projects in...I tend to have a bag per project. That way I just have to grab the bag, throw the small notions bag into it and I'm set...

I have my two Namaste bags. I love my Zuma bag, the Malibu is okay, but love the Zuma. Right now the Zuma bag is holding the squares and yarn for Zori's ghan. The Malibu bag has the Berroco yarn for a bag I'm going to make. My Wizard of Oz bag was bought at Borders and has Larry's ripple in it. The New York bag, I bought at a rest stop on my way home from Buffalo last summer. I had seen it on the way up and loved it. It holds Aiden's round ripple.
The little sheep bag I got at Stitches East this year and holds Natalie's sweater. The Borders bag was given as a teacher gift and holds my ATW. The little bird bag held my fingerless gloves, which I finished today and the green recycled bag holds the yarn for Deidre's gift. The Barnes and Noble bag, I was given as a gift and holds another round ripple, originally meant for Makayla and the brown spot bag I bought at Michaels and holds the extra yarn for Sori's ghan.

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