Sunday, February 7, 2010

Swaps on Ravelry

I joined Ravelry awhile ago, but have really just started enjoying it. One of the best parts has been a "Surprise Me" swap that I found on the "Completely Pointless and Arbitrary" thread. First off, I love the thread, the posters are a riot and although I haven't joined in too many swaps, as I do not have the "snobby" yarn some of the do have, I enjoy reading them. (But my "snobby" yarn stash is growing) So anyway I have claimed 4 surprises so far: Canada, Colorado, Michigan and Wyoming and have ended up with some wonderful things that I thought I'd share. I did just make a claim on a Kentucky surprise, so maybe it'll be waiting when I get home...
Today I am "stashing" on Rav and trying to figure out why I bought some of the yarn I have. I have way too much, but alot of funky yarn that you can't do much with. I like to make bags with them, but can only make so many...oh well, storage bin, here it comes!

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