Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Netbook

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a netbook. I had been looking at them online, so Larry and I finally went shopping for one. I really only want it for getting online, so I didn't need a big package with it. We debated a full laptop versus the netbook, but then went with the netbook. I got a ASUS Eee PC and I love it! It is red, which I love too. I even bought a red bag for it! It is small and easy to use. The only bad thing is that I went with Verizon as the online carrier and it is a dead zone at school. I can use it in the lunch room, but not in the classroom or library. But I use it every day and really love the ease of use. I'm not familiar with everything on it yet, but I'm sure that will come....

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