Sunday, March 7, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile

Yesterday I had to do some running around to buy some last minute things for the Surprise Me Swap on Ravelry. Larry decided to go with me. He was exhausted when we finished...I love to shop...We started out at Creative Fibers in Windsor. They were having a Berrocco trunk show. I bought 2 skeins of Berrocco Vintage for myself in a heathery green. Also got a great button from Lantern Moon and a few things to stick in my swap packages. Then we went to Borders. I got the new issue of Inside Crochet, which is a UK magazine. It's on the expensive side, but I like looking through British mags. Also bought a couple of books...Then ended up at TJ Maxx, where I got some gifties for some babies I know and a friend, saw something that was perfect for her..Then to a local Hallmark store where I found a chick that has sunglasses and a shirt that reads Eggstra Cool, when you press his wing he says, "Cool Dude." It makes me smile. A friend was going to see Jeff Dunham and she bought me a Peanut doll. Larry and I love Jeff Dunham. Peanut say, " Jeffafa Dunham dot com." He makes me smile. A couple of weeks ago I bought the boy sheep at TJ Maxx. He makes me smile, I think of him as my Irish sheep, cuz of the little green hat. Well I hadn't bought the girl sheep, but Larry told me I had to go back and get her. LAst week I received a surprise box from a friend I made oat Crochetville, Fiona. She lives in Arizona. Every once in awhile, we just send each other packages of fun things. I love the stuffed chicken. I owe her a package, as I think she has sent me two now and I've only sent back a little something. So these are some things that make me smile...Surprise packages, yarn, books, magazines, spending time with hubby and fun stuffed animals (I do not have alot of stuffed animals, but every once in awhile)

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