Sunday, July 10, 2011

Movie Day

I’ve been kinda in a funk since coming back from Woonsocket….Today I made myself go out to the Staples sale.  There is no money for supplies this year, so we have to buy all of our own supplies….Staples penny sale started today…

Then I stopped at Blockbuster….yes, I still rent movies from Blockbuster. It’s right down the street from me…

First up:

true grit  Really good!  The little girl, Hailee Steinfeld was excellent!  I know I’ve seen the John Wayne version.  My stepdad, Bill, was a John Wayne fan, but I don’t remember it.

Next up:

sucker punch Really bizarro, kinda misogynic.  Sure I get that it seemed to want to show how women can overcome their tormentors and get revenge, but it really was too much…and I’m not prudish at all….I will say I did get kinda bored with it, but I’m not one to turn movies off….I started it, I’ll watch it all the way through….

Next up is the latest in one of my favorite series

resident evil I’ve never seen or played the video game.  I am not a gamer, but I love the movies.  I know they are not the greatest movies out there, but sometimes you just roll with the punches and just enjoy something.  Let’s hope it’s not a big disappointment!

And it didn’t…..but again they left it open for another sequel…..

The Hubs went to get the tomato pizza and we will watch

cedar rapids tonight, as he is all about the comedies…..I’ll let ya’ know how it is….

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New End Studio said...

Just noticed that map of states you've visited and I put one on my blog, need to go see a few more places before too much time passes!

Thanks for your comment on my aceo post yesterday.