Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WIP and Yarn Along

DSC00249  I have finally started the 4th book of the Fire and Ice series…I needed a break after the last book, it took me forever to finish…I’ve been sticking with this series this summer, as I’d like to have it mostly finished by the time school starts, as I will have little time to read then…

My projects are the second sock of my first pair…and my Dipped Infinity scarf..which is actually my dissertation for Nerd Wars…I haven’t worked on it much, as I was a bit scared of it….

If you’d like to see some more WIP’s or book recommendations, please go to:

tami_wip  DSC_0041-1


RugbyMad said...

I discovered I have read all the Fire and Ice books! LOL

Your WIPS look amazing.

Anna said...

Hmmm I need to check out the books you are reading. I love a good book.

Tami Klockau said...

Ack, I hate when I'm scared of a project. You should just pick it back up and work on it. Don't worry, you can always frog parts if it's not working out how you'd like it to.