Monday, February 11, 2013

Obligatory Snow Post

Charlotte or Nemo (I have no idea why there are two names) dumped a ton of snow on Connecticut...We got about 2 feet....picture heavy post....
About 6:00 PM on Friday Front Steps and porch

About 10:30 Friday night: street and front porch
About 1:00 Friday night
The aftermath on Saturday:
And school has been cancelled today, as roads are still not clear enough to be passable...and tomorrow is also in doubt... That second to last picture, you can see snow on the inside..we did have snow on the inside, too...oh and it took the hired snow plow guys three hours to clear our driveway with a snow blower...


Renee Anne said...

Ew. I have an immense dislike for snow and I'm rather happy about not having to deal with it. However, I understand the inherent need for it...but that's just too much at a time :( It reminds me of the winter (2007-2008 season) where we got 140+" during the season. It was snowing pretty much daily by that point but only a couple inches per day. ::sigh:: It sucked.

Hope you get cleared out soon and keep your power!

Paula said...

That's a ridiculous amount of snow. May your power stay on. I'm sure you won't run out of yarn. :)