Friday, July 11, 2014

Finished Project Friday

For the latest swap, I decided to make something that was a bit challenging for me...a full sized shawl with a lace portion....I have made shawlettes, with easy garter or stockinette stitches....I did have some struggles...I'd have the right number of stitches and then the next row would have too many or too few...after a while, I just muddled through, instead of frogging or tinking each time....

So this is the Out of Gas shawl, inspired by the Firefly episode Out of Gas..
Yarn is Nerd Girl Oh Snap in "Can't Take the Sky From Me."
I was running out of yarn so I supplemented with La Jolla in "Grey Onyx"

I'm pretty proud of it.....I hope she likes it...I plan to make one for myself in a Mad Color yarn called, "Our Mrs. Reynolds" which is a red..inspired by Firefly.

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Barbara at Knitting | Work in Progress said...

A beautiful shawl, especially for your first full-sized version. Very much looking forward to also seeing this in the red you described, sounds luscious.

Kelly Casanova said...

You did a beautiful job, well done!

Holly Nelson @ English Girl Canadian Man said...

Well done! It is lovely! I have just got a book about knitting shawls from the library. I don't have any lace yarn, but I don't mind it being thicker as long as the pattern is pretty! Yours is so gorgeous!

Paula said...

Nice job! Shawls can be so challenging. I'm sure the recipient will love it. That's my favorite Firefly episode, maybe I should make one.