Sunday, December 28, 2014

Year of Projects #52 - End of Year Review

Wow!  This is what I made this year....



That's  67 projects people...67!  And actually it is more than that.  I didn't count the hats I made my students...I made 17 hats in December and January for my students....but wasn't sure how many were made in January...

I still make the majority of things for myself....the second recipient is my friend Deidre, she loves getting things I make....

My favorite projects this year are my Rainbow Wings, my Lanesplitter and my October Fire socks
All knit projects...I guess I'm proud of the fact that I accomplished them and I learned while doing them...but what I wear the most are my cowls....I usually will throw a cowl on with any outfit...

2014 Completed Projects:    
Gift Cowl 1/3/2014
17/17 Hats for students (December/January 2014)
Chicago Mitts (1/15/14)
Take Two Cowl (1/11/14)
Take Three Cowl  (1/22/14)
Twin Cowl (1/23/14)  
It's a Flesh Wound cowl (2/3/14)
BOK BOK (2/23) Ravellenics
Rainbar (2/22) Ravellenics
Rainmitts (2/22) Ravellenics
Rainbow Pom (2/9) Ravellenics
Helmetbow (2/22) Ravellenics
Jasper Hat and Mitts (2/23)
Elegant Downton Hat for swap (3/16/14)
Leprechaun Tam and Beard (3/16/14)
Baby Jacob Hat (3/23/14)
Sockhead Hat (3/28/14)
Dr. Who Scarf (2/13/14)
Oliver's Hat (4/8/14)
Crochet Crown (4/6/14)
Crochet Mermaid Barrette (4/6/14)
Crochet Rose Barrette (4/6/14)
Bunny Hat (4/17/14)
Snake bookmark (4/28/14) 
Tutti-Frutti Cowl (5/11/14)
Fifth of November (5/22/14)
Apocalypse gloves - for a swap (6/8/14)
Swap Secret Sprock  - for a swap (6/28/14)
Out of Gas - for a swap (7/7/14) (sooper secret project)
Hop on the Bus, Gus (7/20/14) NW T11R2
2 Stargate keychains as prizes
Zelda Cloche (7/21/14)
Spring Gloves (7/20/2014) NW T11R2
Chiana Cuff (7/20/2014) NW T11R2
Guantlets (8/6/14)

Vanilla Latte (8/14, /2014)  
Rainbow Wings (8/22/14)  
Swap Cowl (8/21/14)  
Bella's Kawaii (9/13/14)  
Stargate Swap (9/20/14)  
Flower Power Hat (9/28/14)  
Big Squooshy Cowl (9/24/14)
Pond Friends (10/5/14)
Stargate Swap 2 (10/6/14)
Cedar Fingerless Mitts (10/6/14)
Brioche Cowl (10/10/14)
Dragonfly Mitts (10/13/14)
Vincent Gauntlets (10/13/14)
Swap Mitts (10/13/14)
Rhinebeck Last Minute Cowl and Mitts (10/17/14)
Aran Wrap (10/19/14)
Braided Infinity Cowl (10/23/14)
Lanesplitter (10/25/14)
Turtleneck Capelet (11/5/14)
Lynn's Mitts (11/8/14)
Do Zombies Skype? socks (11/15/14)
October Fire socks (11/19/14)
Outlander Mitts for swap (11/22/14)
Outlander Cowl (11/23/14)
Orange Cotton Wrap (11/23/14)
Yellow PomPom hat (11/23/14)
Arm Knitting Cowl (12/6/14)
Gift Cowl - Lisa (12/18/14)
Gift Cowl - Johanna (12/20/14)
Gift Cowl - Deidre (12/20/14)
Gift Cowl - Danae (12/21/14)
Gift Cowl - Evie (12/21/14)
Sparkly Hat (12/21/14)
Santa Hat (12/21/14)
The Vermonter (12/25/14)

So what are my active projects going into the new year?  I'm working on finishing my Have I Ever Steered You Wrong socks, my Shark in the Woods, my Holly Golightly will probably be finished today (so that would be one more project for this year), I'm also going to start working on the Outlander MKAL shawl to finish before I start the Downton Abbey one....I actually have several shawls to finish...

For crochet, I'm not inspired to finish any of my current projects, but I do have two Elsa doll/blanket things I need to make...and I started a bowl that I'm going to felt for my desk....I should finish the Tabard Tunic, as it's really just the sleeves and belt and then I can put it together....and the Betty Shrug is just a sleeve...but I'm not loving the yarn...It's a big box yarn, Caron..and kind of stiff....but I know it'll soften up...

Not sure if my list will change much next week for the new year...I may add to it, all the kits/projects with yarn, I've gotten the past couple of weeks..

WIPS: Crochet:
Mission Falls Poncho: (Started 2006)
Round Ripple: (Started 2006 (?) Aiden)
Around the World Afghan: (April 2010): about ¼ done
Betty Shrug: I don’t know how long I’ve been working on this, but it only has an arm and a border to go.
Sunrise Sunset Afghan: this has been hibernating awhile, 6 squares done.Orange cotton wrap (started ?)
Tis the Season (11/10/13)
Tabard Tunic (NW Diss 2/1/14)


Learn to Knit Afghan: (started 2010): 3 squares done
Light in Shadows (1/14/14)
Fire and Blood (5/4/14)
Garter Path (6/1/14)
Outlander MKAL (8/8/14)  
Swap mitts (8/9/14)  
Turtleneck Capelet (8/12/14)  
Willow Fields (9/6/14)  
Shark in the Woods (11/27/14)
Olivia Owl (12/14/14)
Holly Golightly (12/16/14)

Kai-Mei: (April 2012)
Faces in Wallpaper (Sept 2013)
Adele Socks (April 2013)
H's Everyday Socks (Jan 2013)  
Johnny's Socks (Jan 2013)

Hey, Have I Ever Steered You Wrong? (Dec 2014)
Splashy Flowers: (May 2011)
Larry Stashbuster Scarf (2012)
Beach Bag: (started May 2010)  Just needs lining sewn in
Sunflower: (August 2012) Need a back and to felt
Water Bottle Cozy
Owl for Rose
Hats for friend's babies

Kimberly Skye's tunic  
garter for Caitlin

WIMs: Projects I have the yarn and the pattern
Test Pattern Sweater
Car Coat
Cowl Vest
West End Scarf 
Gathering Leaves
Petal Edge Scarf
Filippi Scarf 
Firefly Scarf 
Danube Cowl
Simple City
Fire and Ice
Holden Shawlette
Trellis Shawl
Bedford Springs Shawl   
Hats and Mitts
Hermione Hearts Ron
Nehalm Hat
Cabled Headband
Cayunga Hat and Mitts set
Ruffled hat and mitts
Evergreen Gloves
Sheepy Cuffs
Twisted Rib Mitts and Hat
Memento Mori
Siren Socks
  Savory Lace Socks
Autumn Flame
Rescue Me, Chin Boy and Show Me the Stars
Twin peaks
Sarape Shopper
Pleated Purse
Circular Felted Bag


Christine said...

Look at you! What a great result of all your efforts! I am madly in love with cowls (& infinity scarves) too! Looking forward to seeing your next years projects!

Renee Anne said...

Seriously? Sixty-seven projects?! I thought I was doing well with my paltry thirty projects...but, to be fair, I have two small children at home...then again, you have a full-time job that I don't have (other than staying home with the aforementioned two small children). Hmmm.....I think you just work faster than I do.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Awesome. I only make small things so probably have made hundreds of them. I should branch out and try bigger projects but I lose interest really quick is something is taking way too long to finish. I can't believe you made hats for all your students. That great. Happy holidays, Tammy

Tahnee said...

67, that's very impressive! Congratulations on a great year of knitting and crocheting.

Lucy Bowen said...

A fantastic haul of projects - well done. I am looking forward to seeing next year's projects.

Sam I Am...... said...

Absolutely astounding! 67 + 17 + 1 from today = 85 projects! If there was a record, I think you broke it!
that's more than 2 projects a week...I'm lucky if I get one done a month! I think I need to take a speed knitting with no mistakes class in order to be able to get some things done. LOL! You go girl!
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

That is a fabulously impressive number of projects. Well done you!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing is what that is, well done. It's a wonderful achievement for the whole year. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do next year!

Marsha said...

WOW! You accomplished soooo much this year. You are an inspiration. If only I could accomplish half of what you did. Fantastic job this year. Can hardly wait to see what next year will bring for you.

Alicia said...

What an incredible list of accomplishments!

Iris said...

Wow, what an achievement! So many finished projects!! :)

Holly Hollyson said...

Wow!! That is so many, I am envious!

*~* Kim *~* said...

Holy Cow! 67! I think I finshed about 23 items and that was feeling good until I read this post! ;) I hope your New Year has been happy and that 2015 is good to you.