Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Stitch Along Wednesday - 11/11

Good morning folks!  I didn't do it last night, as I knew I'd be home today.  It is Veteran's Day in the US...a day to honor the many people who have served our country in the military.  I am proud to say my family has many veterans and has been serving our country, since at least 1893. And since it's a national holiday, schools are off today.

But you are here for the let's get to it...I am furiously working on my Flaming Arrows to finish it up before the Mockinjay premiere....I am almost on section 2.
it's big enough now, that I can't spread it out anymore....

And also working on The Boyz shawl, so I can finish it and start something new!
I have several shawls waiting "in the wings" so to speak...including yarn for the new Stephen West MKAL!!!! 

Today I will be spending the day at the inlaws...watching The Pacific with my father in law, also a veteran....what will you be doing today?

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Paula said...

That new MKAL sounds like it will be a good one.

The veterans in my family are all gone now: a multi-great grandfather in the Civil War, a grandmother who was a Navy nurse in WWI, and my father who was in WWII.

Unknown said...

Finishing up a sweater and itching to cast on a shawl!! Beth's current, Celtic Myths, is calling me. And I have some lovely green in enough yardage.....soooo, why not! Love your colors in the first shawl.