Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Stitch Along Wednesday

Good evening!!!  Last week was the longest week ever! Parent conference weeks are long and exhausting!  Plus I had several other things going on during the week...this week is short...today we had our Second Grade Feast and I had to come home and take a nap...whew!  But we have some great parents and fantastic parental involvement this year...last year I was lucky to get a couple of parents...but I had 100% show up for conferences and today I had 9 (technically 14, as I had three sets of Mom and Dad..and a Mom and Grandma)  parents out of my 20 show up to help and more sent food!  I had several dads that came too...we love seeing the dads involved!

I have been on a finishing streak and have finished two biggish projects, My Boyz shawl and a CAL shawl....I am almost done with a hat...and I am itching to start something new, but not going to...gonna finish a few more things first....no pictures....I will have some up for Finished Friday...too dark to take any now and the hat doesn't look like much...

I hope everyone has a great holiday...and those that are not American, have a great weekend!

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