Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Stitch Along wednesday - Week 17

Good evening....just told the husband I had to go do the blog post...and he said, because it's Wednesday, but not....see, he's learning!

How was your week of projects?

I started something new....I bought this beautiful Sweet Georgia Cashluxe Raspberry colored yarn last summer for a "raspberry berry." 

 So with Prince's passing, I thought it was high time I cast on....and I did...I have finished the brim and am getting ready to start the lace portion...I am doing the Rustling Leaves Beret from Coastal Knits. 

That's about it...so how about you?  Please join up and join in...and link up....


Renee Anne said...

I keep pondering something purple but I'm coming up blank, just like I did when the gay marriage ban was overturned.....I had the rainbow Felici and I've still not started socks or anything.

I'm rather disappointed in myself, to be honest.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

An untimely death is always so very sad, especially to die alone and be found hours later. Happy knitting.

Paula said...

I wanted to do something purple and was inspired by your raspberry beret idea. I did one and may actually post it on Friday. Your yarn looks yummy.

FiberJewels said...

Been spinning mostly, but started knitting a pair of socks from yarn I dyed at "Dye-Day" Saturday.