Friday, November 11, 2016

WrapUp Friday

Hello there my lovelies!  Today is Veteran's Day, so I am home.  I have one finish this week....

As I said before, this yarn sat near my computer for almost a year until it finally spoke to me.  And when it did, it said that it wasn't for me.  I had recently met Nelba Marquez-Greene, the mother of Ana Grace Greene.  Ana Grace was one of the children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  I live about 45 minutes away.  Everyone in Connecticut was affected by that tragedy and, as a teacher, it was just unthinkable.  Nelba has turned her grief into something wonderful.  She has started the Ana Grace Project and their motto is Love Wins.  She truly believes if Adam Lanza had received the love and support he needed as a child, he would not have committed that horrendous act.  So our school district has partnered with the Ana Grace Project.

On Tuesday we had a full day professional development with them.  There were two main speakers that talked about childhood trauma and the brain's reaction to it.  Most of it was pretty fascinating, although I do think a tad long.....anyway, I spent the workshop working on this...
I'm calling it "Fun Circuits."  Nelba told a story about Ana and how she would tell her mom, "not to let them suck her fun circuits dry." I have that on a bracelet now.

It started as a different pattern, but I just couldn't deal with reading a pattern this week, so I ripped it out and just did a simple color block cowl.
I presented it to Nelba at the end of the day.....and she posted about it yesterday on Facebook.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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That is a lovely make xxx