Thursday, December 15, 2016


Well I am home for the next two's orders....I started wheezing with the coughing, which has NEVER happened before!  I'm on a pump medication that makes me
I have to take it every four hours....and with the extreme cold coming in and the fact that my students are "germ factories" (my doctor's words) I am home.  I went back to school and spent two hours doing lesson plans for two's more work to be out than to be in school sick...I was out Tuesday because of a bad sore throat and my students made some VERY poor choices....since I really couldn't talk yesterday.....I couldn't yell at them...but told them, quietly, how disappointed and ashamed I was of them...and that it made me want to cry....I think it got the point across...fingers crossed....

So I'm up, reading Instagram and catching up on blogs....Instagram is great for I found an Gilmore Girls can read about it on Very Shannon's blog, but the giveaway is on her Instagram page. 

I may add more to this post...if I find more giveaways....

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