Saturday, December 17, 2016

Stash Acquisition Saturday

Good morning!  It is a snowy, very cold morning here in Connecticut!  This may be my last stash post off the year, or not....I just did some shopping on etsy yesterday, so I think I may have a few more skeins come in before the end of the year.  I don't plan on going anywhere shopping, but who knows?  But looking around my stash room...I'm pretty full up at the moment and need to use some of the stash I have....

So I posted this one the other day
My two MadColor clubs this month were two of my favorite female characters...Charlie from The Road So Far club (Supernatural) and Black Widow

I don't think I ever posted the yarn I bought on Black Friday in NYC...It wasn't too much...
I got the 21 Color Slouch Kit from Woolyn in Brooklyn

Knitted Wit in Glacier on Targhee Shimmer DK....This will be a hat...
Into the Whirled Meriadoc on Pakokku Sock because greys and purples..

That was it!  I did buy a few more things, but they were gifts....
The Girl Power bag is mine...but the skein in the middle is a Molly Girl I gifted in Instagram's " glows in blacklight!  Pretty cool!

So on Small Shop Saturday, I went to my LYS up the street....the four basic colors are for me to make some gifts...the green and red skein of Done Roving in Christmas Cactus was gifted....although I just finished using my own skein yesterday!   I shared previously the little lamb skein/hat combo I bought...
Changing Channels from The Road So Far Supernatural club

Roald Dahl club Frogscottie Juice by Mother of Purl

 Roald Dahl club Whizpop by Handmade by Kate

 Jessica Jones from BAMF club from MadColor

LLamicorns by Slipped Stitch Studios

 Snow and Christmas mini set by Mothy and the Squid

 Candy Cane Gum by Mothy and the Squid

 The Dragonfly-inspired Gilmore Girls by Quaere Fibre

 Lane-inspired Gilmore Girls by Quaere Fibre

 Have Yourself a Tweedy Christmas by Groovy Hues

 I Just Like Smilin' Smilin' is My Favorite! by Groovy Hues
Bueller, Bueller, Bueller Random Fandom by Nerd Girl

I think that is least, it's all the new yarn pictures on my camera....I have a headache and it's time for breakfast....share if you have some nice new stash!

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