Friday, February 9, 2018

Self Stripe Obsessed

So I have loved self stripe yarn for's a little out of control right now....on Sunday, I decided to pull all the self stripe I could find, as this year is my Year of the Self Stripe Sock....I'm going to try different patterns with my self stripe......not saying I won't buy more this year, but at least this will show me what I started with....also if you have any recommendations of patterns that are good with self stripe, please let me know....thanks!

White Birch Fiber Arts: Left to right
I Get By,  Resist Voldermort, O' Christmas Feet, Santa Baby, Dry Clean Only, Do You Ever Science?
Signs and Wonders, (top) Nasty Woman (I think it's DK), Nevertheless She Persisted, Travel Agent for Guilt Trips.  I have a partial skein of Mr. Yuck (also DK), not in picture. The wound skein on the top is The Full Monty..

Quaere Fibre: From left to right
The Dragonfly, Lane, Socktober 2016, Christmas, Hydrangea Love, Georgian Doors,
on top: Rustic Succulent w/a contrast skein...I think I'm missing one, as it was a club....hmmm
And the Time Traveler kit.....and, according to my Ravelry stash, I also have Vincent and the Doctor...I'll have to stash dive to find that!  I also have a pair of self stripe mitt WIP in Christmas Self Stripe

Desert Vista Dyeworks:
Zomwhere Over the Rainbow, Zombody's Eating Candy Corn, Zombody's Driving the School Bus, Victorian Christmas, If They Kill Abraham.
I also have a pair of socks on the needles with Dia de los Muertos, and some stripey mitts with Zombie Go Bragh.
Mad Color Rowena (Ravenclaw House), Bright Side
Two Sisters Yarn Company: The Last Jedi, Gothic Rainbow
Rock and String Creations: Derby Day '16, Appalachian Autumn
and I found more Mad Color: Roam, Evil Queen, and a bulky Gryfinndor
Neeley's Knits: Wicked Witch of the East, A Day in Stars Hollow (with a grey contrast skein, not in picture)
and Stargate Atlantis in DK
Some holiday colors...these may NOT all be self stripe....
Knitmona in Favorite Colors
Brew City in Reindeer Kisses
MarigoldJen in Ghost Witch
Blue Ridge Yarns in Trick or Treat

Fibernymph Dye Works in Peacock Blue/Chartreuse
Turtlepurl Yarns in Trenchcoat
Biscotte & Cie: no color names on the tags, but I know the last one is watermelon colors...
Poste Yarn in Netherfield and in Ashikaga Park, this is Corriedale, so I'm interested to see how they wear....
Two Hands Knitting, local to colorname, it's a 3-ply
Not sure all of these are actual "self-stripe"
djfleesh handknits in Grown Up Fairytale (sport weight)
Play at Life in Chofetti
Berry Colorful Yarnings in Lavender Setting
Little Heart Yarns in Daisy Daisy
Wooly Wonka in Elphaba (50/50 silk and SW BFL) I think it's too soft for socks
Artistic Yarn by Abi in Grainbow and Bacon & Eggs
Must Stash Yarn: Daily Eggs, The Last Jedi, Jyn Erso, Leia, Rey
Mudpunch in Concrete Bed
Indulgence (I used part of this to make Jelly Rolls for a friend, I'm going to make some for myself)
Knit Picks in their Dr Who inspired Felici..just to try it...I bought two other colorways, but gifted them to others...
Holiday Yarn in Packers (not sure it's an actual self stripe)
Manic Pixie Dream in Cloudy with a Chance of Rain
Brazen Stitchery in Kiss Me, I'm Irish (tried two at a time with these, but didn't get far)
Miss Babs in Witch's Potion (again not sure it is a self stripe)
Witch Candy in Bustin' Out of Bushwack (black series)
Friday Studios in Captitol Couture (it was a club, one skein I finished, and another is started)
Found another Berry Colorful Yarnings, it was a kit in Deep Rainbow
Yarn Enabler in Marvin Says
Witch Candy in Cloud Splitter
String Theory Colorworks in Free Radical
Tri'Coterie no colorway

And the Gobstoppers!!!!!  I am very addicted to these!
Bottom Up:
Eat Knit Dye in It's Not Easy Eating Greens (with coordinating mini)
Nomadic Yarns in Neville
djfleesh handknits in The Diamond in the Sea
Lollipop Yarns in Happy Weekend
Knitmona in Highlighter
CuppyCake Yarnz in Sunny Skies

Whew! That is A LOT!!!  And scrolling through my Ravely stash to check on some names, there are many I missed!  I have a couple of Holiday Flock Sock Yarns that are self stripe...a few more Mad Color ones and another Blue Ridge one with blue and white stripes and a red contrast color....

So now to start my Year of Self Stripe Socks...while finishing up my other 11 sock WIPs and other projects...can I do it?   I'm not setting a number goal...but I do have some goals..

1. Afterthought heels...have never done one
2. Try toe-up again
3. Try two at a time again
4. Figure out that whole Fish Kiss Lips Heel just seems like a lot of work..doing the foot cut-outs and all the math! Ugh math!
5. Found other patterns to work in self stripe yarns...


Babajeza said...

Watermelon is lovely! :-)

Stefanie said...

OOH! I want to steal your stripey sock yarn! ∋━━o(`∀´oメ)~→

Renee Anne said...

I have a rather disgusting amount of self-stripe yarn, as well. And most of it is self-stripe sock yarn (because of course it is). I need to knit more and faster. ::sigh:: Story of my life...