Saturday, February 3, 2018

Stash Acquisition Week 3

Good afternoon!  I know I'm posting this kind of late on Saturday...I've been watching the new Netflix show Altered Carbon.  It's very sci-fiy!!!!  Can't decide if I like it, but am intrigued enough to keep watching...just FYI..LOTS of NUDITY..male and female....kind of shocked when I saw James Purefoy in the altogether!

So I did order a few things online and this came in this past week...
Two Sisters Self Stripe The Last Jedi on their Big Sky Base
Two Sisters Gothic Rainbow self stripe on the Big Sky Base.....loved the pictures on Instagram of this one!
Contrast for heels, Two Sisters

Surprise package this morning from Nerd Girl as I thought I had quit that club! But this is Quidditch World Cup on Trifecto, a worsted weight....So I have to check into this....because I had cancelled the Paypal automatic payment.

I'll throw up a link, but I'm sure noone will link up, as it is late....

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Stefanie said...

Self-striping yarn is always fun! I'm waiting for Must Stash to put out her Star Wars yarn which may not be until May I guess.