Sunday, December 27, 2020

Year of Projects: Week 52

So I have not blogged since November 1!  I have been vlogging on my youtube channel, especially during vlogmas....

Since my timeline is January-December, this is my wrap-up post for the year.

The last thing I completed was the Put a Pom on It...but I have been crafting...I've been working on some advent calendar projects, along with the never ending sock WIPs....I'm not going ot update my list here, as I will for next week.

I hit a slump with my Boxy when I realized it was twisted, so I am pulling it out.....I am also frogging some long held WIPs, like the Nordic mitts....I have no idea where the pattern is....I have other patterns I can going to frog those and start something new...

I finished one of the spouse's mittens. but since those are with Malabrigo Rasta, I have to take breaks from that project.  It hurts my hands.

I'm also going to be joining my friend Angela of YarnNYarns and doing a 12 castons for 2021, so I will have a separate column for that going into the new year.

I do plan on continuing this, as I like being able to see my projects all in one place and the progress on them...but I doubt it will be weekly...

2020 Completed Projects:

Merry Knitmas - 1/25/2020
Box O' Chocolates - 2/23/2020
Sunny Skies - 2/29/2020
Dobby  - 2/20/2020
Gnomes - 2/20/2020
Wow Factor - 3/22/2020
Wow Factor 2 - 3/24/2020
Chrono Hat - 3/24/2020
Showoff - 3/27/2020
Breeze - 4/9/2020
Wise One Hat - 4/18/2020
Lightsaber - 4/18/2020
Snoopy and Woodstock -5/9/2020
Candy Corn Zombody - June 7, 2020
Patons Blue Ragg - June 14, 2020
Cloudy Rainbows - June 15, 2020
Beekeeper Cardigan - June 28, 2020
emPower People - July 9, 2020
Grinchmas Socks - July 18, 2020
Shortie Socks - August 22, 2020
Beach Bag - August 22, 2020 (finally lined, bag was finished in 2010!)
Seasside Espadrilles August 23, 2020
Slushie Cowl - September 4, 2020
Kai-Mei socks - September 6, 2020
Perfect Pockets Shawl - September 20, 2020
Zombie Hat - October 3, 2020
Pumpkin Hat - October 12, 2020
Rhinebeck Rainbow Socks - October 24, 2020
Stripey Goodness - October 31, 2020
Put A Pom on It - October 31, 2020

Works In Progress:         

WIPS: Crochet:
Round Ripple: (Started 2006 (?) Aiden is now a maybe I finish it for him to take to college?
Around the World Afghan: (April 2010): about ¼ done - I'm not even sure where this is at the moment, with projects in two places.  I'll think on this.
Sunrise Sunset Afghan: this has been hibernating awhile, 6 squares done. I still love the look of this. Don't think this is at the Homestead, will have to check.
Tabard Tunic (NW Diss 2/1/14) - Haven't made a final decision on this yet.

Venetian Cowl (July 1, 2018) I love this, but the stitch just takes a Loooong time!
Billy shoes - Jan 1, 2019

Shark in the Woods (11/27/14)- I really love this, but it's a lot of cabling and I'm not a fan..about 1/2 done.
Zombie Vixen mitts (10/17/15)- still working on them, again cabling, review these, maybe done for St, Patrick'S Day
Meandering Top (5/20/16) - Took it out, at the separation of arms, looks really big!
Bulky Cowl - this hurts my hands to work on...think I need slippery needles...
Splediferous Blanket - (4/15/17) Roald Dahl club, frogged the mitered and changed the pattern (jan 12, 2020)
Selbu Mitts - 3/26/18 
Wee Cria - 3/18/2020
On the Go-veralls - 
Boxy - 9/1/2020

Espalier Socks (Jan 10, 2016) - started and stopped...
Games Socks- 2/15/18
Snow Day: 3/4/19
Merfolk: 7/25/19
Monster Mash: 8/16/19 (cuff started awhile ago)
Whammed Socks Dec 7, 2019
Me Too - March 31, 2020
Blue Spruce Socks - April 1, 2020
Hello Sunshine - June 14, 2020
Arne & Carlos - September 13, 2020

Splashy Flowers: (May 2011) - add a motif scarf, don't see that being finished soon...
Light in Shadows (1/14/14) - I love this so much...need to start the new direction, so need to sit down and figure it out..
Garter Path Shawlette (5/30/16)- I have frogged this a couple of times...
Swinging with Winkle (6/4/16)- I love this so much!  Just need to finish it! Added a few rows
Knits4Comfort Advent Shawl 12/13/18
Zomboni - January 1, 2020 (restarted Jan 18)
Van Gogh - January 18

Fire and Blood (5/4/14) - not anytime soon
Outlander MKAL (8/8/14)  - possibility of finishing this..the yarn is so yummy


MaureenHD said...

It's always nice to see how folks track their yearly projects. You are certainly busy!! Best wishes on your 2021 plan.

Not much of a video blog follower so I'll see your updates when you post them here.

Lucy Bowen said...

I have many video blogs to catch up with- hopefully this week. In the meantime it is lovely to 'see' you here, and you are always very welcome. I'm so sorry about your body - I love mine so I hope you do get to redo it!

HighlandHeffalump said...

I think you can be very proud of all those finished items and how many WIPs you finished this year. I have been making preparations to ween myself off a lot of social media and have unsubscribed from almost all the channels I was watching as episodes were backing up and I find myself feeling guilty, which is crazy. So I will dip in and out but mostly catch you here as I am definitely not dropping the YOP group. I hope 2021 is a good one for you and easier than 2020.

Jill at emeraldcottage said...

Glad its not just me with a huge list of wips! Look forward to seeing some more completed next year. I found you whilst blog hopping, be lovely to see you over on mine at

Cinna Knits said...

I'm still not brave enough to put all my WIPS in one place, heck, they aren't even all on Ravelry! I enjoyed your notes on the items as well, sometimes identifying what you don't love doing is a way to help you overcome the obstacle and move forward with the project (or the frogging of the project!)

Breathing Life said...

I will hold you and your spouse in my thoughts. I watched a couple of your vlogs and I love the advent gifts you have been unwrapping. Can't wait to see what you do with them all. Take care of yourself. Here's to 2021 being happier and healthier for us all.