Monday, April 26, 2010

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week - Day 1

What does this picture have to do with crochet? This is a picture of my friend, Deidre, (on the left) and I (in the hat) in San Diego a couple of years ago. Deidre is the reason I resumed crocheting.
I worked with Deidre and she became pregnant with Aiden. This is Aiden now:
I wanted to make her something for the baby, so I bought some hooks, some yarn and a how-to book and resumed crocheting...
My grandmother had taught me to crochet when I was in second grade. My Mom disputes this, she says she taught me. But I remember sitting with my Grandmother on Maynard Street and learning how to crochet a granny square. I made her a giant granny square afghan in red, white and blue. Then I didn't crochet again until Deidre and Aiden...So thank you Deidre and Aiden....
I have started to pass this skill on...I have taught classes on crochet in my elementary school. Some students pick it up and fly....others, well....but it is alot of fun and I'll continue to teach it, as long as I have students who want to learn....

I forgot to add that you can Google: Knitcroblog1 to read other bloggers who have joined this wonderful adventure....


  1. That's so wonderful of you to do classes in the school! I had a teacher once who tried to teach us embroidery in fifth grade, but it didn't go too far. Oh how I wish now someone had taught us to knit! And recently I met a girl from Estonia who said they all had to learn to knit in school, both girls and boys. They had a few projects they had to complete in order to get credit for the class... How I wish we had that instead of, aaah, instead of just anything! One day, when I am Minister of Education... ;)

  2. Oh, I learned how to knit from my fifth grade teacher, and it was one of the best skills she could have given me! Thank you for passing this on to your students - I teach middle school, and I can just imagine the massive superhuman amounts of patience that go into teaching kiddos how to knit! : )

  3. Er, crochet, not knit! Sorry, duh! : )

  4. Aiden is so cute!

    Lucky kids who get to learn crochet in school! Playing with yarn feels like it's good for your brain, I don't know why more schools don't have crocheting or knitting in them!

  5. How great to teach the pupils to crochet! One of the classrooms we used to spend breaktime in had massive tubs of yarn, but I don't know who got to use it, because we never did. We used to pinch it to make friendship bracelets. :)

    I have some crochet hooks that belonged to my DH's grandmother. They made their way to me because I was the only one in the extended family who was remotely 'crafty'. At the moment I only ever use them for picking up dropped stitches, but someday I will learn to use them properly!

  6. I wonder how many Maynard streets there are I used to live in Mass & had a grandmother & Aunt who lived on Maynard street. I wish my school had classes to teach kids to knit & crochet. Aiden is such a handsome boy

  7. I'll bet your students always remember you! My oldest daughter teaches kindergarten, so her kids are too young (I guess?) to learn something like that, but I think I'll suggest it to her, just in case. It's been so interesting reading about how we all got started knitting or crocheting!

  8. That is great that you have taught others! I teach high school...teens don't seem as interested :-(