Sunday, April 11, 2010

LAst Post on Corpus Christi and the Last Thing I Completed...

My dad is a UCONN Lady Husky fan. Since they were playing in the NCAA tournament the weekend he was in the hospital, I decided to make him a bear in their colors. I went back to Hobby Lobby. We don't have any Hobby Lobbies in CT. I bought some I Love This Yarn, which is a soft acrylic that is the store yarn. So I made him a bear to keep in his hospital room. My brother is in the picture and has a UCONN sweatshirt on. He now says he sleeps with it :)!!! As you can see, by then he was also feeling much better and looking much better....I tried to find a LYS in Corpus Christi, but it is now a nail salon. I was bummed....The other picture is my dad with his primary nurse, Elaine, until his last couple of days. She was absolutely wonderful!

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  1. Between your blog and Facebook, I have a better ubderstanding of what went on. I am also finished with Angels and Demons. Thank you so very much-Dad