Friday, June 18, 2010

Still Not Finished....

I did not go back to my classroom today to finish. I had a miserable time sleeping last night. I've not had the best year, professionally and sometimes I get really down. So decided I needed to take a break and make a fresh start on my room on Monday. Otherwise I will just wonder around, picking things up and putting them down somewhere else. I need to buckle down and get that room packed...Also I was in quite a bit of pain from my knees...

So I got up today and went LYS hunting...Found out last night that String Greenwich is closing. I've been to the NYC store, but never the one in CT. So decided to check it out and traced a route to check out two more on the way home....It was a long drive down...and Interstate 95 SUCKS!!!! But I got to see the ocean and stood on a jetty breathing in the ocean air...Greenwich is beautiful, so I enjoyed looking at the houses.

String was small, but Jill (I believe) was very polite and helpful and I bought a couple of skeins of Prism and 3 of Artyarns...and some cool buttons...

Then I headed North to Ridgefield to Nancy O - what a great store!!! Highly recommend it! It's kinda bohemian with a mixture of merchandise. There was yarn, got some Manos Serena and a very cool bracelet! Will post pics of shop and bracelet in separate blog post....

Then I headed north again to Danbury and The Fabric Tree It was an interesting store. I'm still on the lookout for that birdy fabric, but didn't find it there. I did leave with 2 balls of Zauberball, one regular and one "Crazy"

Waterbury was a nightmare trying to get through, but was able to get off and by pass most of it.

Came home and read The Forgotten Garden which I picked up in Ridgefield at a cute bookstore. What a great book! I'm on chapter 13....Time for summer reading and I know I have a pile beside my bed, but didn't have any with me when I wanted to eat..

All in all an enjoyable day and I didn't think about school and lost alot of my negative energy from the year....


  1. What a great haul of yarn. I think sometimes you do need to stop, have a break and start again another day. Try to have a peaceful weekend.

  2. What a fab day! and what a good idea to leave the classroom for a day and go yarn shopping ;) Happy hols :)

  3. The book looks like a good one and your new yarn looks scrumptious!

  4. I really want to try some Zauerball. And there must be something in the atmosphere because I had a bad year, too (as did another of my colleagues.)