Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nancy O

One of the places that I visited was Nancy O's in Ridgefield. Ridgefield is a small town in the "Gold Coast" section of Connecticut. It is rural. The town itself was very cute! It had tons of cute stores and eateries....I did notice on the drive into town, that about every third house was for sale. Not normal sized homes, either, but large McMansions....sad story still going on in this country....

But the shop was definitely worth a visit! Rachel (I believe - I'm bad at names and tell my students it'll be a month before I remember everyone's)was very welcoming and very chatty.

The store is eclectic. It is a mixture of yarn, jewelery, bags and clothing. A very dangerous place for me!

I resisted the yarn, except for some Manos Serena. Manos is one of my favorite yarns. Especially their Stria Cotton. Serena is baby alpaca and pima cotton - so soft! Baby alpaca is my absolute favorite. The colors are a mix of greens with a bit of purple (color 9796). Maybe a small spring shawl....

They also have started a line called "Sig'Nits" They are a really cool way to sign your pieces! They didn't have my initial, but I will order some...pretty cool!

I also picked up a really cool bracelet made by Michael Choi of xovivo made of recycled/repurposed materials. Very cool!

I also picked up that bookmark, when I purchased my books, cuz how could I not???


Allison said...

I love eclectic shops! Those Sig Nits are cool.

Lori said...

Ridgefield is a great little town, though I haven't been there in so many years....wish I could make a road trip and visit that little shop, it looks great!